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Could you be happier?



That's a very intriguing question. Most of the people we talk to are pretty happy with their current work situation... or maybe satisfied is a better description. So, as professional "Career Guides", we'd like to help you "be happier". In order to get there, you'll need to get out of your own way! Think bigger!


It has been said, “Success is determined not so much by the size of one’s brain, as it is by the size of one’s thinking”. This would be good advice for anyone walking down the street, but it holds particular wisdom for those in the civil design world. Those professionals work in a conservative industry and are surrounded by conservative thinkers. That’s great if you’re calculating the lateral load stress for a support beam. However, an ultra-conservative approach has many flaws when it comes to managing your career. It makes you over-analyze, over-think, worry and miss the big picture when it comes to your career and it's trajectory.

In short, change frightens most Project Managers and Engineers. To mask their fear, they say things like:


· "I wasn't looking"

· "Things aren’t going too badly here. Why rock the boat?"

· "If it’s not broke, don’t fix it."


When presented with an opportunity, part of their mind panics. They aren’t even aware of it, but, their default setting is CHANGE = BAD. And the remainder of their brain thinks up all the different things that might go wrong. This is like a team that just puts their defense on the field and doesn’t even have an offensive unit. The total focus is on how NOT TO LOSE the game rather than HOW TO WIN it! What fun is that?


Of course, unreasonable risk is bad walking across a busy street blindfolded. But reasonable risk is something we encounter and manage every day. Like flying on a plane to go on vacation ...or driving on a busy highway. So, we help the people we work with, transfer career growth from the unreasonable risk category to the reasonable risk category in their minds. The biggest part of our job is convincing engineers to take that first step … to think bigger simply explore something new. Once we get them over that first hurdle, they normally relax and have fun. They learn new things about their industry. They learn new things about themselves. They get a chance to compare their “internal scorecard” to what’s happening in the market. They see the ways, means and methods of other firms. It’s a real eye opener!


Even people who don’t accept new positions (with our client firms) report it was time well spent. One highway engineer we placed in Ohio put it this way... “Do you remember the Wizard of Oz ...when it went from black and white to full color? That’s what just happened to my career. It’s like a whole new world.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Why CWP?



All of the insider information we

have accumulated since 1993

takes the guess work out of

choosing the companies that are

the true winners. The A++ firms.

One of our candidates said it best,

"So you're like Angie's List for

construction or civil

consulting firms?" YES - and we

couldn't have said it better



If you were looking for a good

handyman, you might use Angie's

List to sort through the multitude

of contractors all CLAIMING to be

fantastic, to eventually find the

one that truly is. Similarly, we

help the people we work with to

sort througth the white noise in

the career market to introduce

them to a TRULY A++ firm to

maximize their value and







It's one of the main reasons people choose to work with us. It is virutally impossible to peruse the market on your own and maintain confidentiality. In your industry, "everybody seems to know everybody else". We understand. You don't want to put your current situation in jeopardy by investigating something new. 


At CWP, we go to great lengths to protect your confidentiality and can even boast of an over 25 year history with zero security breaches. Our process gives you the peace of mind to consider something new without risking what you already have. 


If you decide to make a change, it should be on your own terms after careful deliberation and investigation and without worries of someone within your business contacts finding out.


"you're the only recruiter I will talk to...and I get calls like this all of the time"


Our philosophy is to treat people with respect, patience and understanding and we find that most people see this as a refreshing change from our industry. We recieve calls all the time commenting on the postitiveness of our process...please see our testimonial page for actual comments. 



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