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What others are saying about CWP

Here are some of the recent comments we have recieved.

"In a word, working with CWP was "Flawless"...I was not thinking of pursuing another job opportunity...almost cut the conversation short...CWP did not promise or sugar coat things...they followed up with emails and phone calls to keep me up to speed...CWP also helped with negotiations, what question to ask, interviewing techniques and even the dreaded letter of resignation to my employer. I truly felt CWP was working for me and my interests. I've been at my new job for 9 weeks and I have to say it was the best decision I could have made."


Senior Project Manager (B.H. of Indiana)





"After deflecting nurmerous phone calls from recruiters over many years I', still amazed how this process actually started. I don't know why, but, I just felt comfortable talking with CWP. At first, I thought it was just a friendly chat and maybe I'd glean some good intel on my local market. But, as things progressed, I was almost suprised to find how interested I was in the new situtation. Top notch! Professional! And I still don't know how you found me."


Regional Director (K.A. of Ohio)


"Believe me, I had never considered myself anything more than an average engineer and it makes me feel good to hear that I have made others happy by simply doing what I do. I now have a better understanding of where my career can go. It has opened my eyes to the fact that I may have a long term future as an engineer (as berfore I thought I wanted to get out). Allowed me to realize my own worth (which will be positive for me moving forward - I see it as motivation to become more than I ever expected to become in the field of engineering). By chance, good luck or whatever you would like to call it, you and your company have definitely played a role in changing my life in a very positive way and for that I again must say that I am sincerely appreciative. Please, keep up the good work!"


Project Engineer (A.B. of Ohio)




"The time you both spent coming to our office to understand our culture really paid off with the very first guy you placed with us. Your candidate is just a great fit. It seems like he has been here forever...and he's only been here for a month. Great fit and we really appreciate your efforts to find us just the right guy."


President of Construction Firm (D.S. of Indiana)



"My experience with CWP has been awesome. I was a bit shocked at first when you called, and didn't get my hopes up untile the day before my interview. The process was great. You were extremely helpful and very professional. You were honest about giving me feedback and opinions on the interview, my strengths and weaknesses, etc. I appreciated having someon really analyze me and give me postive feedback. I also appreciated how available you were to talk on the phone during evenings and weekends. You made me feel like I was your only client! It was very impressive to me how often you called or emailed to check in, see how I was doing and answer any questions I may have. I was very impressed by the entire process, like I said it was very professional, quick, and I felt completely catered to my needs. You provided me with materials for the interview and offer process and definitely was taking care of me! It was awesome. I am not sure about all the other firms that CWP represents, but I am 110% impressed, excited and overall happy with my new firm. After my second day, I was hooked! The people here are amazing. I could tell what a good group of people it was when after only a few days, I had been personally greeted and check on my every single owner/VP/manager. Overall, my experience with you, the process, the firm, etc was great!! I can't say enough about how happy I am that you called me."


Project Manager (S.S. of Indiana)

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